Bladder Cancer: what is bladder cancer? Can it cause infertility?

What is bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer, or cancer of the bladder, is cancer that forms in the tissues of the bladder. The bladder is an organ that stores urine. The majority of bladder cancers are transitional cell carcinomas – the cancer starts in cells of the inner-lining of the bladder.
Cancer that starts in thin, flat cells of the bladder are also possible; this type is called squamous cell carcinoma. Adenocarcinoma is also possible – this type of cancer begins in the cells that make and release mucus and other fluids.


Bladder Cancer is quite common with both men and women. Fifty thousand patients are diagnosed each year and out of 50,000 patients 12,000 patients have lost their life in US. Cigarette smoking the major risk taking factor for the formation of bladder cancer. Cigar smokers have the bright and double chance of getting Bladder cancer. Giving an end to smoking will help to prevent from Bladder cancer. Do not be used to carcinogenic compounds as they give chances for Bladder cancer. Consult a physician if there is any symptoms are pain in the uterus or while passing the urine. Recently an association has found out that chlorinated water, intaking of saccharin and cholesterol foods will cause Bladder Cancer.

Bladder cancer symptoms:

The very common symptom of Bladder cancer is the occurrence of blood in the urine and it is known as Hematuria. The blood in the urine can moreover be seen with the naked eye and it is known as Gross Hematuria and sometimes it might be noticeable and identified only when it is checked in a laboratory and such types are known as Microscopic Hematuria. These two kinds will be there in 80% of patients having bladder cancer. As a result, it is very much compulsory to check with a physician when a person has noted the occurrence blood in the urine.
Some other symptoms of Bladder cancer comprise urinary tract disease. This disease will lead to augmented occurrence of urination, feeling to urinate urgently, heavy hurt and throb while urination. These are the general symptoms that will be noticed if a person has Bladder cancer. All these symptoms are caused due to the frustration in the bladder wall by the tumor. In some complex cases of bladder cancer, the tumor might obstruct either the opening of urine into the bladder or the exit of urine from the bladder. This will give rigorous line pain, illness, and injury to the kidneys.

Can bladder cancer cause infertility?

The quick answer is yes. Recently study shows over 60% of infertility patients have a certain degree of bladder infection. If the infection is not treated in a timely matter, it could turn to cancer. Not only it could happen to women, but also men.

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